ZAO "ATM Group" was established in 1997 in Saint-Petersburg. The main task which the founders of the Group have set themselves was to provide the Russian farmers with required farming machines.

One of the leaders among the Russian farming machine manufacturers has been JSC "Kirovsky Zavod" producing the tractors "Kirovets" popular in Russia and Eastern Europe (from the starting of production in 1962 there has been produced more than 460.000 units).

Following its specialization as the manufacturer of "Kirovets" farming machine and their spare parts, this year the Group ATM establishes a daughter company - ZAO «AgroTechMash». Still in 1998 "AgroTechMash" got the status of the General Distributor of the JSC "Kirovsky Zavod" and started to form the dealer network in the Russian territory and beyond it. AgroTechMash had also carried the functions of protection, promotion and popularization of "Kirovets", strategy development for product sales, systematization of dealers' work at all levels, and uniform sales, price and advertising policy.

In 2001 the ATM Group opened its representation in Germany - ATM United Technologies GmbH, and in collaboration with that company started to develop wheeled tractors of conventional design.

And already in autumn 2003 the Group presented a new model - К 3000 АТМ - 180 h.p.. In 2004 the ATM Group launched the series production of this model at the territory of the Kirovsky plant in Saint-Petersburg. New series of tractors was sold under the brand "Kirovets" in the frames of the uniform sales policy.

In August 2005 there was a grand opening by the RF Agriculture Minister and Saint-Petersburg's governor of the tractor assembly line built by the AgroTechMash company at the territory of the Kirovsky plant, with a capacity of 1.500 machines per year.

In autumn 2005 a new category of tractor К 5000 АТМ with a power 280 h.p. was presented to the Russian and International public.

In summer 2006 tractor АТМ 3180 was recognized as «the best tractor of the year 2006» by the RF Agriculture Ministry.

In the fist quarter of 2007 the company started the series production of АТМ 5280 tractors. In summer 2007 tractor АТМ 5280 was recognized as «the best tractor of the year 2007» by the RF Agriculture Ministry.

Since the autumn 2007 the company has started production of all machines under its own brand TERRION. Now the tractors TERRION АТМ 3180 (180 h.p.) and TERRION АТМ 5280 (280 h.p.) are coming off the assembly line.

In November of the same year AgroTechMash signed the agreement about delivery of Finnish harvesters Sampo-Rosenlew under the brand TERRION.

Having studied perspectives of tractor production development in Saint-Petersburg on the Kirovsky plant areas taken in lease, in the end of 2007, the ATM Group management made a strategic decision to carry the company's main production and logistic facilities to Tambov-city (440 km south from Moscow). To implement this project, in November 2007 ZAO «AgroTechMash -Т» was registered, sole shareholder is the ZAO "ATM Group".

In the spring of 2008 AgroTechMash break off the co-operation with Kirovsky Plant, having produced during 10 years more than 4.500 tractors “Kirovets”.

In spring 2008 the company started repair and renovation of industrial buildings of the former military plant (17 industrial buildings on the area of 12 hectare). The renovation was carried out together with the warehouse infrastructure creation and personnel training for the future production. Most of the recruited personnel have finished 3-month training on the company's assembly line in Saint-Petersburg. In the end of August 2008 they began their work in the modern workshop equipped with the up-to-date assembly line with a capacity of 2.500 tractors per year, as well as with all necessary equipment. The workshop has the area more than 17.000 square meters.

The last TERRION tractor left the company's assembly line in Saint-Petersburg on August 15, and further the production was curtailed, and already on September 15 the first tractor was made in Tambov.

North-West Company Branch, warehouses and logistic center to process and store imported components to be used for TERRION tractors and harvesters production continue their work in Saint-Petersburg.

First of all the production of TERRION АТМ 3180 and АТМ 5280 farm wheeled tractors was arranged in the new plant of the ATM Group. To the end of 2008 the company staff has been increased to 150 persons, and in 2009 - to 300 persons.

From the beginning of 2009 in Tambov, the licensed assembly of harvesters Sampo-Rosenlew was arranged under the brand TERRION.

In October 2009 first series company's tractors TERRION АТМ 4200 with a power 200 h.p. came off the assembly line.

In November 2009 at the exhibition AGRITECHNIKA 2009 the newest development of the ATM Group was presented - pilot model of the conventional assembly TERRION ATM 7400 with a power 360-400 h.p. A series production is planned from the beginning of 2011.

To date the ZAO “ATM Group” (Saint-Petersburg) is:

• ZAO “AgroTechMash” (Saint-Petersburg): logistic, marketing, dealer and service networks in the Russian Federation and CIS;
• ZAO “AgroTechMash-T” (Tambov): production of TERRION tractors, series ATM 3000, ATM 4000, ATM 5000 and from 2011 АТМ 7000; production of TERRION harvesters, series SR 2000, SR 3000.

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